Monday, October 15, 2012

Finishing up!

What have I been up to lately...... Well, let me tell you! 
It feel's like I've been gone forever!
Before we left for vacation, my daughter Rachael was asked to paint four paintings for our church.
She finished two of them and started the other two. I didn't realize I didn't have a photo of one of them complete, I will get another photo soon. 

The smaller two were 24"x48" and the larger two are 48"x60" and you guessed it she managed to finish the smaller of the two paintings. Packing and getting ready to move half way back across the pond was quite overwhelming for her.

She managed to paint the outlines before she left and told us to take them to church for
 someone else to finish them as our church is blessed by many artists. 
My dear husband who can draw and paint a little decided that we would finish 
them ourselves. I might add I am NOT a painter and have trouble 
drawing a straight line. So for me this was quite a challenge.

Now these rather large canvas's have been sitting in my family room for quite some time, Since the beginning of July in fact. So I wanted them done, so I could reclaim my living area again.
So I started painting what I call a glorified paint by Rachael (instead of numbers)! Many text messages, emailing of photo's and Skyping...... thank goodness for good ole' Skype, and trying to hold the computer at odd angles, Rachael was able to tell me where and what colors she wanted me to paint.
I also got lessons on how to mix certain paints to get the colors needed.

Jesus remained faceless for quite some time. I wished she had, had time to finish all the black lines.

 Hubby was busy at work and picked up overtime, but did manage to help out a few times.

I really thought painting was relaxing...... trust me.... IT'S NOT!!!
Especially when it's someone else's painting.

I was feeling very overwhelmed as time was going on and now the beginning of October.
So my dear friend Anna came over to help me out and painted the background areas for me of the crucifixion and fixing some of the detailing.
It was such a huge help and inspired me to carry on.

All that was left to finish was Jesus's face and the lantern in the nativity.
Both of which required so much detail that I didn't want to risk taking a chance on.
Bryn could have finished it, but has been working 
so much that at the end of the day is too tired.
So close to finishing, I called our friend Ray who came over on 
one of his days off to help me out!

 He spent a good couple of hours painting the face and painting the lantern and helping me figure out the background of the nativity and how to do the stars so that they would stand out at a distance.



Not too shabby for a person who doesn't paint!
Feeling quite accomplished if I do say so myself.
Will I take up painting as a hobby......... Probably NOT! :D

I would like to say I was inspired by Jesus to get them finished, but alas 
I was inspired by returning the art studio back into my family room.

Rachael has done other canvas's for our church a year ago 6 24"x24" but
 I will have to find the photo's to post so that you can see them some other time.

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