Monday, August 13, 2012

UK Trip Day 6

Day 6: Monday August 6th We went to the town of Tenby in West Wales! 

The church is the heart of the town.

Bryn and the girls over looking Tenby Harbour!

The pots of flowers look lovely.

Girls eating lunch with their Grandparents.

and my nephew, brother and his fiancé.

Sweet shop as I remember them growing up.

Then onto Pembroke Castle.

There were so many tunnels and passageways it was easy to loose each other
 and loose each other we did. But it was a lot of fun too.

Time to take in the views from the top of the castle turrets!


Their cousin is head and shoulders taller than they are.

We had a lovely day out.


  1. Great day out! I haven't been to this area since I was a child. I love those traditional sweet shops but there are so few of them left now.

  2. Another lovely post!
    I like how green the grass in the UK is.

  3. Pembroke Castle is now on my "Must See" list during my next visit to the UK!!! I think those flowers in that first pot are begonias, they would do well in a pot on your front porch (I think they need shade)... and your nephew looks like a giant next to Miss Abbey! Lol!! You have a very handsome/beautiful family - immediate AND extended xo
    I'm LOVING the pics - Thank you!!! :D