Monday, August 13, 2012

U.K. Trip 2012 Days 1 - 5

Hello I am back and finally able to post some photo's. We have been so busy running around trying to visit everyone while my daughter Jenny was on vacation with us.

Day 1: Wednesday August 1st at LAX with eight large suitcases. Oh my so many cases.

Day 2: We arrived at Heathrow London, on Thursday August 2nd and rented two cars to transport all five of us to Cardiff and all of our luggage. No photo's as I was too busy driving. :D

Day 3: Friday August 3rd, A quick visit from my Aunt, Cousin and Millie who couldn't wait to see Rachael.

Car ride photo's to visit Bryn's sister.

Dinner at the Tynant Pub in Morganstown with Bryn's family.

I loved the fuchsia hanging baskets behind the girls.

Views from my sister-in-laws front door.

Girls took a walk across the fields while their aunt and uncle went to get desert, but what their uncle showed them when they got back was a huge drop if they had gone any further up the path into a quarry. Yikes!

Sister and brother-in-laws home.

Day 4: Saturday August 4th Shopping day with Nanny who rarely gets a girl day wandering around the shops.  We had lunch at a restaurant called Pillers which is where my Mum and I used to go for lunch years ago.

It was a rainy day most of the day, but when we arrived back home the sun was shining and there was a rainbow in the sky.

Day 5: Sunday August 5th Driving down to West Wales to visit my Brother and his family.
It was pouring with rain most of the way there.

I love the views of the Welsh countryside.

The rain not so much.

The dog Fizz loved her rubber ring. 

My brothers beautiful back garden.

I took lots of photo's hoping it will inspire me when I get home.

Dinner at the Ferry Inn!

What are they all looking at.......

Ohhh that Huge Bridge that goes over the estuary. It goes right over the top of houses. 

Cousins skimming pebbles.


  1. It seems like you had a great time! Your pictures took me all the way there; the British countryside is wonderful.
    The food looks delicious and the Ferry Inn is a place I would love to visit!

    Enjoy your week!

  2. I miss you ~ but LOVE that you're home in Wales and enjoying family xo
    You know, your pictures aren't helping ease my desire to visit the UK, not even the rainy pics ~ its ALL SO GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, thank you SO much for taking pics and posting them... now go take MORE! LOL!! Love you xo