Thursday, September 27, 2012

UK Trip Day 10 and 11

August 10th

Day 10 was Jenny's last day of vacation. We took a quick trip into Cardiff  Town Center for some last minute things for Jenny to take back home with her. 

View of Quay Street and St. Davids Church.

St. Mary's Street looking toward to Castle.

Queen Street, town center.

Later that afternoon we took my parents up to the 'Cliff Tops' for ice-cream,
with views of the Bristol Channel.


My girls, myself and my parents. 

August 11th. 
Day 11 into our trip, we were back at Heathrow airport saying goodbye to Jenny! 
It was sad to see her go so soon, but her husband was missing her. :D

I told you I was working on it.... it's just taken longer than I thought it would.
Still lots more photo's to come. 

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