Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little Down Time.

Monday my hubby had Knee Surgery! Poor guy has been laid up all week and I have been running around like crazy, getting ice packs, pain meds, T.V. remotes, drinks, cell phone etc. etc.etc.

I did manage to find some time in the evenings to finish this blanket that I've been making for my friend's son, who started it months ago after I taught him the basic stitch, and he asked
 if I would finish it for him when he went away to college. 
Below is just after I started the blanket towards the end of September.

He bought the yarn so long ago we couldn't find anymore of the blue or beige.

So I worked with just the brown and black yarn and found in my stash of yarn a little cream with 
brown flecks that worked to break up the brown and black stripes.

I think it worked out well. I hope my friends son is pleased with it too.
He comes home from college this weekend.

Well, I enjoyed my little down time. Back to the ice packs.


  1. I hope ypur husband will have a quick recovery!
    The blanket looks great! I'm always amazed by thepatience and talent of thepeople who knit.
    Have a great weekend!:)

  2. I hope that your husband is feeling better now,
    knee surgery sounds painful

    Love love the blanket.
    I would never be able to do that, it is a huge project
    I can just about manage a scarf!

    Hope you are keeping well,
    sorry I haven't visited for a while
    but I'm glad I got to say hi today!