Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Madness

I know, as the saying goes, it should be March Madness or as 'Mad as a March Hare'!
But, May has been a very mad and crazy month! I've had very few days to relax and when I did 
I was so exhausted I just veged!

May 9th was Miss A's Senior High School Cabaret Concert with Choir. 
Yes Miss A can sing! Quite well I might add! 
One day if she gives me her permission I might post one of her songs on here.
She sang a solo that she wrote and composed.  It was beautiful.

A Medley of Bye Bye Birdie! They did a great job as they have done every year!

Our seniors singing their last farewell. 
It is quite sad to think that this was the last time that we will see Miss A perform on her 
High School Stage. Their Choir teacher is a wonderful lady 
and will be missed by both students and parents.

May 13th was Mother's Day!
 I will never understand how the U.K. celebrate's mothers day in March and the U.S. celebrate's in May, while father's day is in June in both countries and on the same day! Oh well, I had a wonderful day with my family. We actually celebrated on saturday 12th as that's when everyone was available. We also got to Skype with my Lovely Mum in Wales. My Mum looks forward to her USA Mother's Day each year, she says she gets to celebrate it twice. :D

Look at my beautiful flower arrangement?
 I just adore the red gerber daisies against the while calla lilies.

The girls made panini's for lunch and we ate outside in the sunshine.
I was quite spoiled that day!

May 14th was Choir Banquet. 
It was a Hawaiian Luau theme with lots of lovely decorations,
 shells and leis. 

Did I mention that over the course of the month I had 7 teenage girls come to make a video of the pictures of the school year events. Stress, Stress, Stress, as some of the kids were 30 minutes late finishing up the video. But it was well worth it and all the choir kids enjoyed it.

Some of the treasures Miss A came away with from the Banquet.

 May 23rd Graduation Day finally arrives. 
Dress and Gown and all her awards are ready and waiting.

Lots of ropes and tassels we are so incredibly proud of our baby girl.

The ceremony was at our local baseball stadium.

Miss A and some of the choir kids sang the National Anthem. 
My photo didn't come out very well, but you get the idea.

 The procession starts.

Turning of the tassels.


May 26th a visit to LACMA (Los Angeles County Mesuem of Art).
Miss R is a graduate of Art and loves this place. She will be going to live with her grandparents in Wales come August so was her last chance to visit.

After our visit to LACMA we had family and friends over to celebrate Miss A's Graduation. 


The very next day, yes I know I'm glutton for punishment we had a baby shower for my friends daughter.
She had a very sweet baby boy.

 Look at those tiny feet.

There was lots of other things that happened in-between all the craziness of May. But I will save that for another post as this is the 2nd time I've tried to post this and accidentally lost it all once. I will be sure not to do that again. 
Thanks for joining me and taking a look at My Mad May!

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