Friday, May 11, 2012

More Celebrations

May 5th 
Today we celebrated my 3rd Daughter's Birthday, she turned 23 yrs old on May 6th. For her birthday celebrations she wanted to go hiking.  Dad made sure it was a reasonable hike that we could all do as we're not exactly the fittest parents anymore. :D  Here we are all ready for our hike! Tennie shoes and cameras at the ready and of course water bottles.  I got lots of comments like..."really Mom, you're taking photo's of our shoes." Haha! It doesn't bother me though!

Our hike was to Switzer Falls, in the Los Angeles National Forest. As long as we've lived here we've never heard of this place before. I think you will agree with me, it's quite beautiful!

The start of our Hike, over a very picturesque bridge.

More comments about me taking odd photo's, this time of a heart shaped rock. 

The trail to the bottom of the falls was quite a hike none of us were prepared for and in the heat of the day too. Look at that view though! It was quite beautiful! But very hot out of the shade of the trees. It was close to 90º's and around noon when we reached this particular spot. So we made the decision to go back down a short distance and take a look at the top of the falls as we could see some people from the ridge below us. The flowers at the top of the ridge were so pretty I just had to pause to take a few pictures.

 At the top of the falls, there was another drop a little further on and we could just see the top of it, but the girls wanted to get closer and scrambled over the rocks to get a closer look, much to Dad's dismay, who felt it necessary to go after them. Even though they are all adults. It made me laugh at just how protective their Dad is. Birthday girl, Miss H., has always been a dare devil. We've had to have eyes in the back of our heads with her over the years. :-)

We found these random stoves in a small clearing. there were three of them and looked so cute and old fashioned. I just had to take some photo's. We thought it could be a campsite for three tents. It reminded me of something out of the great depression when people were forced to move across country to find work and were camping out in the woods to save money.

We had a lovely day out and really enjoyed ourselves. Lots of stone hopping and a few wet feet, but lots and lots of fun. If we go again we will have to take a picnic with us. There were lots of spots that we could have had a picnic at.  We were so hungry (we worked up a really good appetite) that we stopped at Mc Donald's on the way home for much needed sustenance. We were all so exhausted when we got back, we ALL took naps before we met up with Birthday girls boyfriend and our oldest daughter's (Mrs J) husband.

These were our treasures from the hike. I haven't seen acorns in a very long time. I love the varied colors and love the way they look on my dining table. So rich.

We went out to dinner all 8 of us to an Italian Restaurant that lets you draw on their butcher paper table cloths. It was fun. This is one of the many drawings that was made in between courses.  Lots or artistic hands.

Afterwards we went back to the house for ice cream cake and birthday presents. One of her many gifts was an 8mm projector and an old Laurel and Hardy movie that we found on craigslist. Miss H was a very happy girl and played with her projector until she figured it out. Movie night soon I hope.

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