Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Creative Moments

 I thought it was time to show you some of my creative moments that I had at the beginning of the year. I was inspired by Lucy from Attic 24 with her Zig Zag Blanket!
 (I'm so excited that I'm getting the hang of linking things.) If you haven't checked out Attic 24 I highly recommend it. Lucy has a lovely colorful and fun blog that I just love visiting from time to time.

It was so fun to make all these wonderful little squares. Although Lucy didn't give a tutorial on them they were quite easy to figure out. I was churning away night after night making all the tiny colorful squares and it was exciting to see them all pilling up beside me so fast.

Miss A had fun playing around with them and finally came up with this pattern for me to sew them into. But I put them away as B and I were going on a trip and I wanted to make something to take 
away with us, so I put them all away for another day!
 But be on the look out for more zig zag blanket adventures as my fingers have been itching as I've been eyeing the baggies of fun squares.

 B and I went on our trip in March to Wales to see Wales win the Rugby Grand Slam. Hubby just couldn't go another year of seeing Wales get into the finals without being there to appreciate the atmosphere. What an atmosphere it is too. It was very exciting to see them win.

So I got to work on making little hats for all the new babies in our family.  I made a few before we left and finished them up when we arrived at my parents home.

I raided my Mum's button tin to finish off the little girl hats! I was quite pleased with them.
Although I have been knitting and crocheting for quite a number of years, I had never made hats before.

I think they turned out really nicely for my first attempt! Don't you?

Thanks for joining me today!
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  1. Love your squares Sue, so colourful, and can't wait to see a pic of the finished blanket. The little hats looked adorable on the new babies in the family. What will be your next project, I wonder.

  2. Those are so cute Sue! Such talent!

  3. Thanks, I haven't had a chance to do anything with the squares yet! :(