Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yard Sale

The Yard Sale was in full swing this morning. 

Jenny and Scott came over and helped put everything together, and Abbey eventually surfaced to go buy us some lovely donuts for sustenance.

We're a bit off the beaten path, so we didn't have as much traffic as we would have liked. But we still did quite well. Almost everything went. We just had a few things left that we took to the Good Will afterwards.

Rachael has a few more dollars in her pocket for her trip to Wales and I have a few less things to store in the spare room, which I hope will be my craft room. So we are both very happy, but very tired.
We are ending June with a lazy, sleepy afternoon.

~Blessings, Sue


  1. I love yard sales! Too bad they're not very popular in Greece.

  2. I'd much rather go look at other yard sales and host one. LOL! Maybe you should start a new trend in Greece. :D

  3. Nice to meet you, Dearest Sue. I'm Orchid (real Japanese first name "Miyako")
    Oh, Yard Sale!!! In Japan, it is like your friend said; we don't have these yard sale, garage sale and I always feel why not... Flea market thing is exciting to hear as well♡♡♡
    Happy to hear that you now have a space for your future craft room.
    I hope you had a nice sound sleep(*^_^*)
    Sending you Love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

    1. Hello Orchid/Miyako,
      It's nice to meet you too. Thank you for commenting and for becoming one of my newest followers.
      I have some space now for my craft room. I hope to get it organized when I get back from my trip to Wales. I will post more photo's then.
      I did have a lovely sleep thank you. Wishing you a lovely sleep too.
      Love from California, Sue xoxo

  4. Hello Sue, I'm your newest follower, thanks for following my photo blog, 2012 Illustrated, you might like to follow my "Welcome to Daisy Row" blog as well, it has words!
    You were lucky to have good conditions for your yard sale - had you been back in Wales that would not have been the case, we are currently enjoying(??) the wettest summer since records began, after starting the year in drought conditions!
    Joy xx

    1. Hello, Joy, it's nice to meet you and thank you for being one of my newest followers too. I will gladly check out your other bog too. I am slowly getting the hang of things. I'm sorry you are having so much rain. We hope to bring some Californian sunshine with us to Wales and share it around the country a little. :)
      Have a great week.
      Sue xoxo

  5. ps Sue just one more little thing....

    It would be a good idea to get rid of the comment verification box
    it is an absolute nuisance when people want to
    comment and definitely puts them off
    when they have to identify 2 words that are illegible.

    To turn if off press the Orange B (blogger)
    on the left of your screen,
    go into settings
    then Posts and comments
    "Show word verification" (3rd option down)
    and press no
    save and it has gone.

    It really is a put off so go do it when you get a chance

    Back to my housework!!!

    1. :D Done!! Good Luck with your housework! :)

  6. I am glad your yard sale was successful. A trip to Wales is very nice and it is always great to downsize and make room. I wish you a happy 4th of July and a great week ahead. Thanks for the visit, I am one of your new followers.

    1. Hi Eileen,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming one of my newest followers. Happy 4th of July to you too.
      Have a great week.
      Sue xo

  7. To bad I can't just drive around the street for those cute standing lamps..