Thursday, June 21, 2012

Under Construction

The Mom Cave is 'Under Construction!'
On the 9th, 10th and 11th of June, (yes it took that long) Miss R and I spent all that time sorting and going through ALL her things in preparation for her moving to the UK!

Who knew a 25 year old could have so much stuff! But when you're an artist, who wants to try so many different things, who can blame her. We went through boxes and boxes, one after another and sorted lots of things out to give away, sell, and trash.

 Miss R going through her things, no I didn't blur the photo on purpose, that's what happens when I take photo's without my glasses on! :) But I guess it saved me the trouble.

So much stuff! Plus tons of canvas's from her college days that she brought in from the garage to go through. I forgot to take photos of all those. They're still sitting in my hallway waiting for her to decide what to do with them. Suitcases, we will be needing those in a few weeks for our trip. 
We're getting very excited. It's coming up fast.

All the things at the foot of the bed is ready for a yard sale, plus two tubs of books. Her sister Mrs J said she would come and help with the yard sale, as her Dad said after our last and only yard sale, 
Never Again! But Miss R can use all the money she can get to add to her savings until she can find a job in the UK! I have a feeling I will be pulled into selling things too.

This is just some of the trash that we had to try and get rid of! There were 5 large bags and quite a bit of recycling too! She had a tub full of old magazines that went into the recycle bin. I was surprised the trash men took it as it was quite heavy.

Finally room to bring in the desk! Well, just about! It's still under construction with art supplies that I inherited (thank you Miss R) to sort out and put away! 
The spare room/storage room will soon be my Crafty Mom Cave! 
I will be posting more craft room photos in September, when we get back from our 
month long trip to Wales!
Next on our agenda is the yard sale and a jewelry party so that Miss R can sell some of her jewelry pieces and sell some of her bead supplies. 

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