Saturday, June 30, 2012

A little crochet time

On a trip to our local craft store the other day with Miss Rachael to get paint supplies for a project she's doing for our church, guess what I brought home? It wasn't paint, but some lovely new balls of yarn! I can't wait to get started. It's been much to warm to continue working on my zig zag blanket.

The multi colored baby yarn will be a little something for my cousins baby girl whose getting christened in August while we are visiting. I'm looking forward to the large family gathering. The blue yarn will be for a little hat for another other cousin's little girl. Her favorite color is blue.

Miss Rachael convinced me to make her another hat for the cold Wales winter. Apparently you can never have too many hats. It's looking good so far, but it's not a pattern I've used before. It's a pattern Rachael found online called Crocheted Camelot Shell Cap. I'm not sure where she found it to share the link with you. I will post another photo when it's finished.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

~Blessings, Sue


  1. I have yet to manage the art of crocheting! Mind you, I haven't picked up my knitting needles in awhile either.

    I did a quick search for the pattern and was take to Ravelry, which had a link to the free pattern. At least I think it is the one, the name's the same:


    1. Thank You Karen, that is the pattern. :D I love to knit too but I have to learn all over again as I hold the needles differently than here in the U.S. apparently and the way I hold them is making my thumbs hurt because of arthritis. But I won't be giving up easily. There are just too many beautiful things to knit.
      Hope you are having a great day.