Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Made My Day!

I got a sweet text message from my oldest daughter yesterday!

"Hey Mama. I read all your blogs today at lunch and I really enjoyed them!
What was the reasoning behind keeping us anonymous again?"

It was really sweet that she took time out of her lunch to read all my blog posts.
I really appreciate the fact that she enjoyed reading them. That means so much to me.
My writing is not in vain.

Why did I keep my family anonymous???
I'm not sure really!
A little mystery maybe??
After all it's not like the girls are still little and I have to protect them, 
they are all grown women with websites of their own. 
Oh my.... my babies are women.
How did that happen?
And right before my very eyes!

I hope my visitors are enjoying reading my blogs as much as my daughter Jenny did.

Why not leave a comment and make my day! :D


  1. Well, hello! I always enjoy being the first one to follow a new blog! I'm a new blogger too! Good luck and see you again through future posts!

  2. Sure, I'll make your day! Although, I'm a bit exhausted after looking at your earlier post and all the work you've been doing. I just spray-painted! Thanks for your visit and kind words. Have you thought of joining any memes (link-ups)? That was a piece of advice I was given when I started a year ago.

  3. Thanks Karen for making my day! :) I would consider memes (link-ups) if I knew what they were exactly and where to find them. LOL! I am still trying to find my way around the blogging terminology. I'm also trying to find, without any luck I might add, how to put a reply button under the comments instead of having to comment myself. Not as easy as I would have thought.

    1. The host blogger sets a theme and the rest of us put up related links! It's a great idea because you visit a lot of blogs and they visit you back. You can try the one still going on at (for some reason I couldn't paste the link). It's fun!

    2. Thank You I will check it out. :D

  4. Hi Sue
    Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog-I just became your follower too.
    I look forward to visiting and seeing what's going on in your neck of the woods.
    If you'd like more exposure please e-mail me and I can offer a few tips that have worked for me in the last year.

  5. Hi Sue, I am so glad you stopped by an introduced yourself. It is always nice to find another Southern California blogger and gardener. I would be happy to tell you what works for me here as far as plants go. I would caution where you use your Mexican primrose it is a runner and can be quite agressive even popping up in the grass. As far as attracting people to your pretty blog, I have found commenting on blogs with similar interests as yours brings people by. I am your newest follower. Patty

    1. Hi Patty! Thank for being my newest follower, it's really nice to meet you. Thanks for telling me about the Mexican primrose, I didn't know that they were runners. I will think of transplanting them else where. I would love to know what plants work for you in So Cal.

  6. Hi Sue,

    Greetings from a very wet and miserable Ireland.
    Bet you are having lots of sunshine where you are
    can you please direct it this side of the ocean!!!

    I have enjoyed my visit to your blog,
    great that the yard sale went well and that your daughter
    now has more money for her trip to Wales
    (make sure she packs her wellies)

    It is difficult starting out as a blogger but you will find
    friends easily and I bet the next time I visit you will have
    a lot more followers!

    I know that Karen from My little home and garden has mentioned
    link ups.
    We have one here on Raindrops and Daisies on Friday called
    Green Day, post a photo of anything that has the colour green in it.
    It is a great way to meet new blogging friends and good fun too.

    If you decide to join up at any stage
    you would be more than welcome.

    Enough chattering from me as I had better start tackling my
    day, lots of domestic drudgery in store!!

    Have a good week

    Fiona x

  7. Hi Fiona,

    It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry your having so much rain lately. I'm hoping when we come to Wales August 1st that we will bring some sun with us. It worked in March when my hubby and I flew home for the Grand Slam, so maybe this time too....fingers crossed. :)

    It has been slow figuring things out, but I'm gradually getting the hang of things. I didn't think I was quite so computer illiterate, but we always have room to learn more!

    Thank you for making me feel welcome. I will definitely try to join your Friday Green Day this Friday if time allows. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    Domestic drudgery will be in store for me today also!

    Hope you have a good week too.

    Blessings, Sue

    PS Thanks for the tip on the comment verification. I have taken care of it already. :D