Monday, June 4, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

Friday Morning I was up bright and early 7:30 am to be precise. It doesn't sound very relaxing so far does it!  I have decided that I need to take advantage of the early mornings, while it's till cool outside! 
My poor little flower bed needed some TLC! So did the pots. They have been very neglected lately.

Coffee, tools and gloves all ready for action.

I was very busy and so was our usually very quite cul-de-sac as our neighbor was having a yard sale.

Last years bedding plants are still looking very nice. White Vinca's, and little yellow Viola's.
 So pretty! I didn't think bedding plants would last through the winter, but these have flourished.

 Beautiful Gerber Daisy's! I love the color.

9:45 am and the sun is rising and getting a little hotter.  Time to get something cooler than coffee to drink. I would probably have continued to work on those pots, but I had a precious phone call from my oldest daughter, who just started working this week at the same company as her dad and they invited me and Miss A to go meet them for lunch. So I gladly packed in the gardening for the day and woke Miss A up and off we went to meet them at Marie Callender's for lunch.

Saturday Morning was my Hubby's Birthday! His request for the weekend was to do nothing, nothing at all. We were so busy last month that it was nice not to do much of anything. 
For breakfast he wanted soft boiled eggs and toasted soldiers. It's been a while since I've made soft boiled eggs and although I checked online first, they were still a little over cooked. But they still tasted good.

I just love the egg cups that my Mum bought us last year. So cute and funny! Brings a smile to my face every time I look at them.

And two delicious cups of coffee to follow while we watched an old Carry On movie. We were talking the other day about Carry On Movies and decided we would look on You tube to show the girls a clip so they would know what we were talking about. Lo and behold we found that youtube has entire Carry On movies. So we have been watching them. This morning we watched Carry On Constable. Some of these we haven't seen since we were kids and some of them we've never seen. So corny, they are funny.

We also had a buyer for the last of our 3 kayaks. We had a lot of fun with them, 
but as the girls got older our kayak trips were few and far between. 

 Saturday evening we went to dinner at a restaurant called the Elephant Bar, with our family all except Miss H. We missed not having her with us. But she lives in Santa Monica and couldn't visit this weekend.

 B and I both had the lamb shank, doesn't it look Yummy?

 Miss A's dinner plate was bigger than her face and I was surprised to see she ate it all. 
No Doggy bag for her this time.

My dink looked yummy too. A Jungle Pina Coloda!

Time for Pressies and Cake! Chocolate cake that looks very much like the cake 
B's mum used to make! Chocolate, chocolate. Alas it was store bought but still delicious.

 Sunday morning after skyping with B's sister, we got ready to visit Miss H in Santa Monica for lunch. We met her and her boyfriend at Bru's Wiffle, Waffle Joint.  The food was really good. I took my camera with me, but must get more into the habit of taking it out of my bag and shooting some photo's. We tried to go to the pier after lunch, but the parking was so crazy and Miss H's apartment unfortunately isn't close enough to the beach to walk, that we gave up and will go next time we visit. Seems crazy to me to drive all that way and not go to the beach, but that's exactly what B wanted to do and who am I to argue, after all it was his birthday weekend. 

A few weeks ago Miss R, who has a art degree and who works at an art store called Arron Brothers came home with a bunch of Tim Holtz stuff that was on sale!
 I was so excited as this was all new to me. 

See what little creations I came up with that night!
 I need to go purchase more stamps now to have fun with.

Look what my artistic daughter came home with last night! I guess Sunday was a slow day in the shop and she was experimenting with mats and Tim Holtz embossing powders. Doesn't it look beautiful! I can't wait to put a photo in it and frame it.

Well thanks for joining me looking at my relaxing weekend. 
Now it's time for me to get moving this sunny monday morning. 

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